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Browsers and Operating Systems

The Offers Resource Center is designed to work on the following operating systems: Microsoft IE7, Microsoft IE8, Microsoft IE9, and the latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Site Availability and Scheduled Maintenance

At times the Offers Resource Center may be taken offline to accommodate regularly scheduled maintenance. Global and regional administrators will be notified in advance of maintenance windows.

Site Administrator

The Merchant Offers Resource Center is managed by Visa information technology services. For any issues with the site that cannot be addressed by your own technology services administrator, contact Visa at[email protected].

Popular Topics

Access Permissions for Issuers and Visa Clients

In order to access the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, you must first be enrolled in Visa Online at user account is automatically created if you provided your business email address when you enrolled in Visa Online. Check your VOL profile and update it as needed.

Access Permissions for Visa Employees and Approved Agencies

If you do not have access to offers or features in the Offers Resource Center, contact your Regional Administrator to have changes made to your profile. If you are still unable to access the Offers Resource Center, contact [email protected].

Training and How to Use

Resources and training guides are available for searching and managing offers. For Issuers and Visa Clients, see the Resources and Guides provided. Editors and program owners, contact your Administrator for advanced training and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions
My Account

Where can I get information about my account?

You can log into the Offers Resource Center and click on "My Profile" to see details about your account such as your Company Name and Type, your user name and contact information. Contact your Offers Resource Center Administrator for additional information regarding your access privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions
Finding and Using Offers

What offers are available?

The offers available in the Offers Resource Center are from a variety of merchant categories including restaurants, leading retailers, hotels and services. These offers can be used in store and online. Restrictions may apply. Check the details of each offer as details may include any restrictions or limitations on use.

How do I find offers?

Click on Manage Offers > Find Offers to view a list of all available offers. You can search for a specific offer or merchant by using the "Search Offers" navigation bar. You can also narrow your selections even further by filtering on different selections such as language, card products, categories, etc in "Offer Search Criteria".

Do you have assets or marketing materials I can use to support my offer?

Yes. Marketing materials can include merchant offer images, logos copy and other creative assets that can be used in print, online, mobile or email. Downloading a ZIP file for an offer will give you all images, logos and copy associated with the offer.

How can I download an offer?

To download content for an offer, click on the offer in your search results and then select a choice of format (PDF, XLS, or ZIP) under “Download Offer”

Where can I find all the offers I already downloaded?

Information on downloaded offers is saved in your account. Your recent download history is included on the Home page. You can also access your complete download history when you click on Reports > Downloads.

Managing and Creating Offers

Contact your administrator for training documentation needed to create and manage offer content.

The merchant offers that are being made available on the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center have been collected from merchants around the world as a service to our clients and their cardholders. The offers are being provided by the respective merchants and not by Visa and Visa expressly disclaims any responsibility for their content or compliance with the laws of any country. No offer reproduced on the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center may be changed or modified in any manner, Either with respect to the offer content or its accompanying terms and conditions. Issuers are solely responsible for any use of the merchant offers set forth herein. Before downloading or otherwise making these merchant offers available to your cardholders, Visa strongly recommends that you consult with your own legal counsel to determine whether such offers comply with your policies and the laws of each jurisdiction in which the respective offers will be made available.

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