Help with Offers Resource Center
Access Permissions for Issuers and Visa Clients
In order to access the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, you must first be enrolled in Visa Online at A user account is automatically created if you provided your business email address when you enrolled in Visa Online. Check your VOL profile and update it as needed.
Access Permissions for Visa Employees and Approved Agencies
If you do not have access to offers or features in the Offers Resource Center, contact your Regional Administrator to have changes made to your profile. If you are still unable to access the Offers Resource Center, contact
Training and How to Use
Resources and training guides are available for searching and managing offers. For Issuers and Visa Clients, see the Resources and Guides provided. Editors and program owners, contact your Administrator for advanced training and assistance.
Browsers and Operating Systems
The Offers Resource Center is designed to work on the following operating systems: Microsoft IE7, Microsoft IE8, Microsoft IE9, and the latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
Site Availability and Scheduled Maintenance
At times the Offers Resource Center may be
taken offline to accommodate regularly
scheduled maintenance. Global and regional
administrators will be notified in advance of maintenance windows.
Site Administrator
The Merchant Offers Resource Center is managed by Visa information technology services. For any issues with the site that cannot be addressed by your own technology services administrator, contact Visa
My Account
Where can I get information about my account?
Finding and Using Offers
What offers are available?
How do I find offers?
Do you have assets or marketing materials I can use to support my offer?
How can I download an offer?
Where can I find all the offers I already downloaded?
Managing and Creating Offers
Contact your administrator for training documentation needed to create and manage offer content.